2015 Millcreek Giant Round Robin (2-star), October 17-18 in Erie PA |
Rochester NY Tournament Mar 22-24, 2019 |
MVTTC 2015 Winter Classic, January 10, 2015 |
GVTTC Giant Round Robin 2014, Saturday, Nov 15 in Rochester NY |
Saturday, Nov 15 -- 2-star tournament in Binghamton, NY |
USATT Listing for East Coast
Stop the spread of COVID-19. MVTTC Closed through April 2020.

MVTTC Monday Nights

MVTTC Open league plays on Monday evenings and is open to all players.  Visitors are always welcome.

The new location is at Accelerate-Sports, 5421 Judd Road, Whitesboro, NY . The entrance is on Judd Road, between Halsey Rd and Westmoreland Rd. [ map ].

Every Monday players sign-in and round robin groups are scheduled based on relative skill. The groups make for fun and competitive play, and if you win your group you will be moved up to the next higher group in the following week.

Start Time: 7:00pm sharp - arrive 15 minutes early to help setup.
End Time: 9:1500pm - court space is reserved and matches will be stopped if time runs out.

MVTTC 2014

Prices as of Nov. 17, 2014
MONDAY night @ Accelerate Sports
8 weeks
Individual (any age) $7 $40    
Family $12 $65   2 members, same household
Big Family $15 $85   3+ members, same household
Gang of Four (K-12 age) $15 $80   four K-12 age students
Gang of Four (College age) $20 $100   four college age students
MONDAY night @ Accelerate Sports
All days at First Presbyterian (Thurs, Sat)
8 weeks
Individual (any age) $12 $70 $350  
Family $20 $110    
Big Family $25 $140    
Gang of Four (K-12 age) $25 $140    
Gang of Four (College age) $30 $160