2015 Millcreek Giant Round Robin (2-star), October 17-18 in Erie PA
| Rochester NY Tournament Mar 22-24, 2019
| USATT Listing for East Coast
MVTTC 2015 Winter Classic, January 10, 2015
GVTTC Giant Round Robin 2014, Saturday, Nov 15 in Rochester NY
Also, Saturday, Nov 15 -- 2-star tournament in Binghamton, NY

September 2013 Newgy Giant Round Robin

Richard, Sihai, Will, Emir and Dio competed in the September 2013 Newgy Giant Round Robin in Akron, OH.  It was a looong way from Utica.  

Lots of pictures here...

Samson Dubina (center) with Joe Sabella (left, U1600 2nd place) and Emir Alic (right, U1600 1st place)

Seven hours on the road and I'm still not pretty -- Richard.
(L to R - Sihai, Will, Emir, Richard)