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May 19, 2013 : PWATTC May Open - Giant Round Robin

From: GHTTC Support <>

Dear Table Tennis Friend,

P&W Table Tennis club invites you to participate in May 2013 Open tournament.

It will be conducted on Sunday May 19th at Pratt&Whitney Aircraft Club, 200 Clement rd, East Hartford, CT.

We have scheduled three events on this day:

1. Unrated Event - for players who just want to play without needing to care about their rating

2. Giant Round Robin - main event. GRR will consist of  two parts. First, preliminary round robin where all players advance to the Class Events round based on their placement in preliminary round. We guarantee you to play at least 6 quality matches  in this event.

3. Handicap event - Single elimination 1 game to 51 points event that will run in between preliminary and Class events of GRR. Participants will be given handicap based on the USATT 51 points handicap chart.

Discount is given to players who participate in both GRR and handicap events. See web site for more details:

Registration is available at

Come on down and have some fun!!!