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MVTTC 2015 Winter Classic : January 10, 2015

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Event results from MVTTC 2015 Winter Classic Tournament held on Saturday, January 10, 2015

MVTTC 2015 Winter Classic
Saturday - January 10, 2015
Entry Deadline
Wed, Jan. 7

3-star USATT , One day only, Eight events, $1,000 in prizes !

Register online below and pay with PayPal or credit card.

Thank you event sponsors: Bartell Machinery Systems.
MVTTC 2015 Winter Classic
Saturday, January 10, 2015
USATT 3-Star Sanctioned Tournament
Accelerate Sports
(Between Halsey Rd and Whitesboro Rd)
5241 Judd Road
Whitesboro, NY 13492 [map]
REFEREE: David Freeman
EQUIPMENT: 8 Tournament Tables & Nets, Nittaku 3 star Premium Celluloid 40mm Orange Balls. Flooring: PVC Plank.
ENTRY DEADLINE: Entries must be received by January 7, 2015.  Late entries will be charged $10. Entries may be rejected if space does not permit.
ENTRY POLICY: All entries must include payment.  All events selected must have different start times.  Street shoes, food and drinks other than water are not allowed in the gymnasium.
RULES: All USATT laws and regulations apply including the USATT dress code.  ( )
ELIGIBILITY: All players must be USATT members or members of an ITTF affliated association. Bring your membership card or receipt. Non-members MUST join USATT at the tournament (See below for pricing). Players who have never previously entered a USATT tournament may purchase a One-Time Tournament Pass for $10. Ratings used for the tournament will be as of January 7, 2015. Age 40+ players must be 40 or over as of the tournament date.  Unrated players may enter using an estimated rating but are not eligible for prize money or single elimination rounds. The tournament committee reserves the right of acceptance or refusal of all tournament entries.
FORMAT: All events will play in a round robin group of three or four players. The player(s) with the best record in the group will advance to the single elimination draw. All matches, including finals, are best 3 of 5, 11-point games. The tournament committee reserves the right to modify the format or cancel events due to insufficient entries.
REFUND POLICY: Players will be refunded if withdrawn at least two days prior to the tournament date. Refunds will not be given for any withdrawals after that date except when the player’s rating is too high for a desired event and he or she chooses not to be promoted to the next highest event. No refunds for no-show participants.
CONTACT INFORMATION: Phone: (315) 351-6774, Email: or visit

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