Welcome! Our mission is to provide a family friendly environment for table tennis in the Mohawk Valley, where new and experienced players can compete and socialize. We encourage continuous development of skills through practice and lessons.

Welcome to MVTTC

Monday nights are at Accelerate Sports, 7-10pm.
5241 Judd Road, Whitesboro, NY.
(Entrance is on Judd between Halsey Rd and Westmoreland Rd)
Arrive by 6:45 for sign-in and setup.
Setup starts at 7pm and matches follow immediately.
Court time ends at 10pm and we must be clear by then.

Text 315-351-6774 if you will be arriving late.

Who can play

You can! MVTTC is open to anyone interested in pursuing table tennis as a sport or hobby. Young to old, novice to expert -- everyone is encouraged to play.

Locations and times

MVTTC plays on Saturdays and Mondays at different locations, so please know your destination before traveling.


Where First Presbyterian Church - 1605 Genesee
1605 Genesee Street, Utica, NY 13501
Turn onto Faxton St. or Scott St. and park in the back.  Enter through the kitchen.  The building is usually secured, so there will be sign up with a number to call when the door is locked.
Google Map: [map].
When Saturday hours, 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM.
Check the calendar to the left for changes.
Equipment ITTF approved tables. Three for play and one for ball machine. Loaner paddles and balls are available.
Format Varies according to number of players. Training, open play, round robin, doubles.
Always check the left sidebar for any changes.
Cost $5 to support club activities.
Want to learn more ? Stop in to meet us!


Where Accelerate Sports - 5241 Judd Road
5241 Judd Road, Whitesboro, NY 13492
Google Map: [map].
When Mondays 7 - 10 PM. Sign-in ends at 6:45 and round robin play starts promptly at 7pm after setup. Please arrive at least 10-15 minutes before start to help.
Call or text Michael at 315-266-7063 or Richard at 315-351-6774 to sign-up beforehand.
Equipment Six ITTF approved tables. Loaner paddles are available.
Format Club round robin play. Games to 11. Best 3 out of 5.
Cost $7, families $12-$15, group of 4 students $15-$20.
Information on 8 week and other options can be found here.
Want to learn more ? Stop in to meet us and start playing. Your first Monday is free. You can't beat that!


(315) 351-6774 Richard DeVenezia, president email: director @ mvttc.net
(315) 266-7063 Michael Haddad, email: mhaddad @ mvttc.net

Note: MVTTC is USATT certified. Club level coaching available.

Match Play Etiquette

  • Players should not converse with the audience during competitive play.
  • Do not leave your match to take a phone call or text message.
  • The audience should keep their noise level to a minimum.
  • Walk behind the barricades to get to your match. When there are no barricades be careful not to interfere with other matches.

Match Results

  • Usatt.org maintains results and ratings.
  • Are tweeted and published in the Observer Dispatch.
  • Group winners move up a group in the following week.

MVTTC Monday Nights

MVTTC Open league plays on Monday evenings and is open to all players.  Visitors are always welcome.

Starting on Nov. 17, 2014 will we be at a new location.

The new location is at Accelerate-Sports, 5421 Judd Road. The entrance is on Judd Road, between Halsey Rd and Westmoreland Rd. [ map ].  Set your GPS to 5282 Judd Rd, Whitesboro, NY 13492 for the entrance driveway.

Every Monday players sign-in and round robin groups are scheduled based on relative skill. The groups make for fun and competitive play, and if you win your group you will be moved up to the next higher group in the following week.

Start Time: 7:00pm sharp - arrive 15 minutes early to help setup.
End Time: 10:00pm - court space is reserved and matches will be stopped if time runs out.

Plan ahead and be prepaid like:

  • Richard DeVenezia
  • Doug Gilliam

MVTTC 2014

Prices as of Nov. 17, 2014
MONDAY night @ Accelerate Sports
(see www.accelerate-sports.com)
8 weeks
Individual (any age) $7 $40    
Family $12 $65   2 members, same household
Big Family $15 $85   3+ members, same household
Gang of Four (K-12 age) $15 $80   four K-12 age students
Gang of Four (College age) $20 $100   four college age students
MONDAY night @ Accelerate Sports
All days at First Presbyterian (Wed, Thurs, Sat)
8 weeks
Individual (any age) $12 $70 $350  
Family $20 $110    
Big Family $25 $140    
Gang of Four (K-12 age) $25 $140    
Gang of Four (College age) $30 $160    


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