2015 Millcreek Giant Round Robin (2-star), October 17-18 in Erie PA |
Rochester NY Tournament Mar 22-24, 2019 |
MVTTC 2015 Winter Classic, January 10, 2015 |
GVTTC Giant Round Robin 2014, Saturday, Nov 15 in Rochester NY |
Saturday, Nov 15 -- 2-star tournament in Binghamton, NY |
USATT Listing for East Coast
Slow the spread of COVID-19. Please Distance and Mask per guidance.

Welcome! Our mission is to provide a family friendly environment for table tennis in the Mohawk Valley, where new and experienced players can compete and socialize. We encourage continuous development of skills through practice and lessons.

First Presbyterian SOLD

Richard says:

Club will need some fast action in the next 30 days

  • Find new location if possible
  • Find storage if necessary, I have a big garage but it's getting full, and it's 20+ miles outside of Utica.
  • Move out:
    • Get 8 heavy half table sections down from 3rd floor
    • Light fixtures, bulbs and tarps
    • Cabinet contents
    • Monster refrigerator (burned out coolant pump)
    • Cardboard window covers, posters, clock
    • Robots and practice balls, storage boxes on stage
    • Fans, Heaters, Extensions, etc.
    • 2 Trash cans, cardboard rolls, ball barricades

Letter to MVTTC

Welcome to MVTTC

This link is dead dead dead

Who can play

You can! MVTTC is open to anyone interested in pursuing table tennis as a sport or hobby. Young to old, novice to expert -- everyone is encouraged to play. Want to learn more ? Stop in to meet us!


(315) 351-6774 Richard DeVenezia,

Mondays and Saturdays


Utica Center for Development - 726 Washington Street
Park at the back of the building in the Broadway lot just down from Court St and Broadway.  Entrance is located around the corner of building at the back of the lot.  Take elevator to second floor.  If the entrance is locked call or text Richard.

Google Map: [map].

When Monday 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Come at 5:45 to help set up.
Saturday 10 AM to 1 PM. 
Check the calendar in the left sidebar for changes.
Equipment Four ITTF approved tables. Loaner paddles available, balls provided.
Format Monday Singles league play. Compete in a round robin of like skilled players. Group winners advance the following week.
Saturday Varied. Training, practice, matches, doubles. Round robin play if necessary.
Always check the left sidebar for any changes.
Cost $5

Note: MVTTC is USATT certified.

Competitive Match Play Etiquette

  • No coaching or side conversations during games.
  • Do not leave your match to take a phone call or text message.
  • Walk behind the barricades to get to your match. When there are no barricades be careful not to interfere with other matches.

Match Results

  • SimplyCompete maintains results and ratings. (on hold)
  • Are tweeted and published in the Observer Dispatch.
  • Group winners move up a group in the following week.


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